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Minneapolis law enforcement needs your help

Submitted by dna-admin on September 11, 2009 – 12:21 pm
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minneapolis-skyline-day1Directory of Minneapolis receives updates as they occur from the City of Minneapolis.

This Is an email alert sent out seeking assistance from the citizens of Minneapolis.


We need your help! We are seeing an uptick in Burglaries. Especially garage burglaries and cut window screens. Most of the garage burglaries are the result of unlocked or open garage doors. The cut screen burglaries could possibly be avoided by “pinning” double-hung windows or using a rod or dowel for sliding windows. Using these techniques prevents the window from being opened enough to allow entry.

We need our Community Partners to get the word out. Let everyone on your block know;

1. Lock your garage doors and make sure they shut completely as you’re leaving. Don’t be in such a hurry that you drive away while your garage door is shutting. The door sensors may trip and leave your garage open all day.

2. Keep your garage doors locked and shut even when you are home. We have had people working in their front yards be victims of garage burglaries. They leave the garage open after getting gardening tools out and go to the front yard. The opportunist walks through the alley and sees the open garage and in seconds takes a bike or other valuable items.

3. Keep your house doors locked even when working in the yard. Don’t leave your front door vulnerable and unlocked while you work in the back yard.

4. Watch for ANY suspicious activity/behavior on your block. If you see ANYTHING suspicious please call 911. Don’t be afraid to use 911 to let us know something suspicious is happening on your block. You are our partners, we need you to call.

5. Be a good witness. Get as much description as you can. Observe any physical features of suspicious parties, clothing, vehicles, tattoo’s, license plates and any other information that can help us locate or identify the person.

6. Attend or start a neighbor Crime & Safety Committee meeting. Be informed and help keep your neighbors informed.

7. Make sure your motion lights work and that when they go off at night, you or your neighbors pay attention to why they went off.

8. Cut down foliage that is blocking lines of site. We need you to be able to watch out for your neighbors and your neighbors to be able to watch out for you.

9. Stay in contact with your neighbors and welcome anyone who has recently moved in (or those you haven’t met yet).

Remember please:

Please pass this information on to your neighbors if they do not receive these emails. Tell your neighbors how to sign up for these alerts – they just send a blank email to SAFE5.3-on@ccpsafe.org and must reply to the automatic confirmation email.
Please let your block club members know about these events.
Be aware of your surroundings. Call 911 on any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles.
Watch for people on the street before exiting your home or vehicle.
When you get into your car, lock your doors and do not just sit in the parked vehicle.
Do not carry excessive cash, credit cards, or other items. Bring only what you need.
Write down the numbers and contact information for all your credit/debit cards so you can call and cancel them immediately if they are taken or lost. Keep this information in a safe location.
Get involved with (or start) your neighborhood Crime & Safety Committee.
Fulton Safety Committee meets the last Tuesday each month; email safety@fultonneighborhood.org for more details.
Know your Neighborhood Associations.
Armatage meets the 3rd Tuesday each month; www.armatage.org for more details.
Fulton meets the 2nd Wednesday each month; www.fultonneighborhood.org for more details.
Kenny meets the 3rd Tuesday each month; www.kennyneighborhood.org for more details.
Lynnhurst meets the 2nd Thursday each month; www.lynnhurst.org for more details.
Tangletown meets the 3rd Monday each month; www.tangletown.org for more details.
Windom meets the 2nd Thursday each month; www.windomcommunity.org for more details.
If you have information on a crime please call the MPD Tips Line at (612) 692-8477.
If you witness a crime, try to look for this information:
People: Estimated height, weight, build, age, race, gender, distinguishing features, and clothing.
Vehicle: License plate number, make, model, year, and color.
People and vehicles: Time they came/left, and what direction they were last seen headed.
Also note if a weapon is involved.

For additional crime prevention resources please visit the City of Minneapolis Police Department.

Contributed By dna-admin

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